Modular Wheelchair Ramp

Modular Wheelchair Ramp Installation

Our modular wheelchair ramp systems can be installed in a few hours, bringing freedom to your door step immediately. Whether you’re looking to improve access to your home or business, Enhancing Life Mobility provides accessibility solutions that can be tailored to fit any structure. We serve most of Ohio and the Cleveland area with quick, professional modular ramp and lift installation. Contact Us for your free consultation and quote.

Ramp Rental

We have Aluminum Modular Ramp Systems that can be rented for one day, or on a long term basis!

Permanent Or Temporary Modular Wheelchair Ramps, Available In Aluminum, Steel, and Wood.

Aluminum Modular Wheelchair Ramps provide the most efficient solution to your mobility needs. We can customize a ramp configuration that works best for your home.
Steel Modular Wheelchair Ramps are an aesthetically pleasing, yet economical wheelchair ramp solution! Our steel ramps are powder coated for extra durability with a textured walking surface for a greater slip resistance.
Wood Modular Wheelchair Ramps are an affordable solution. This modular system can be installed in hours and can be painted or stained to match an existing deck or porch.

Finding The Wheelchair Ramp That Best Fits Your Needs Is One Part Of Improving Access For Your Home Or Business.

Use the Incline Chart to determine the proper ramp length.

  • Determine the incline that your chair is designed to climb. We recommend you confirm with your local/city code. (Consult your equipment’s owner guide for proper degree of incline; never exceed its recommendations.)
  • Measure the distance from the top step/landing to the ground. (If Rise is greater than 30” a platform is required.)

Ramp Incline Chart

We Can Combine Modular Ramps, Stairs, and Platforms In A Variety Of Ways, Providing A Customized Fit To Your Home.

Have a Question? Email Us For More Info About Our Modular Wheelchair Ramp Installation.